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June 2011 Blog Posts (5)

First actual blog...

Ok...I've noticed that I haven't made an actual blog on here I go...bout to tell ya'll how my day went, even though most of ya'll don't care...


I woke up, went through the daily rituals of shower breakfast and the brushing of the teeth...went into my bedroom (almost said "came in my bedroom" and realized how wrong it sounded xD) aaanyway...sat in my computer chair...and here I am, 5 hours the same exact spot. ...i lead an exciting life, don't I?…


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Life on the run (Part 2)

As Michael slowly got up to his feet, someone knocked on the door to his apartment. He looked up and was met with the face of a beautiful women standing at the door, a large bag of groceries in her hands. "I'm sorry sir, but I heard a lot of noise coming from your room. Some of it sounded like gunshots.. oh my!" she shouted as she caught sight of the dead man with the shotgun and the big man in the room behind him.

-Rule 3. Never trust anyone. Especially if they are new and… Continue

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Life on the run

Michael slowly opened up the door to his apartment and walked in.  Eyes always attentive, ears always open, he scanned the room.  His eyes were drawn to the floorboards.  All even.  Flat.  Every single one lined up perfectly.  When he had left, one had been slightly raised by a loose nail, only a heavy foot could push it down.  

                              -Rule 1.  Pay attention to the small details.-

Michael set the groceries on the counter and then looked at the…


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Crush... A crystal-like substance grinded into a powder.  A powder that had been turned into a drug.  While most drugs prided themselves on the “high” they supplied, Crush was more of an exhilarating drug than anything else.   Some people enjoyed ingesting it through the mouth, but it was best inhaled through the nose.  And it was a drug that Straeen had an addiction too.  Straeen stood at about 6’2, clothed in the gray robes of an assassin.  He was, or rather looked like, in every single way… Continue

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He did it, he really did it.

I have to commend you oh sir Brent weeks.  Ive been against ebooks since the very first kindle was released.  I finally read an ebook, an it was all thanks to you mr. weeks.  Great job on perfect shadow


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