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July 2010 Blog Posts (5)

Blood Guard 3 rough

yay Shazeel AND Makis very excited!

The Blood Guard

Chapter 3

By James Hillman

“No, no, no! Let’s send Shazeel north!” The young, tanned makine muttered to himself, as he walked through a small muddy village.

“Oh yes a brilliant idea! Surely, because he’s the best with makis he’s the one who should investigate the ‘blood guard’ whatever that is. And naturally we’ll give him no idea what he’s even looking for because ‘he’s a bright kid’ and ‘could use the… Continue

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Solo Writing; Subject: Forget It; It Isn't Worth It; Title: Another Lost Soul

Another Lost Soul

By James Hillman

He finished writing the small paper note and warm tears crawled down his cheek. Life hadn’t always been like this; he was sure of it, but it’s all he could remember. It had – for many years now – felt like he was drowning in a black sea. He shook his head; he hated thinking that he sounded like one of those over-emotional, dramatic, attention-seekers. He really didn’t want attention – that had never been the issue.

He was tired of feeling… Continue

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Solo Writing; Subject: If These Walls Could Talk; Title: Sport of Blood

The Sport of Blood

By James Hillman

The crowd thunders with cheers of sadistic bloodlust; the gore and pointless murder almost erotic pleasure to the crowd. Applause and cheers reach an ear-shattering decibel.

On the dusty floor, men begin the preparations all around. Blades are sharpened, fires are stoked, and the pitch is brought out in large vases.

As the rusted gates begin to creak open, the chains rattle. From the darkness, two lines of people begin to emerge, and… Continue

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The Blood Guard Chapter 2; Final revision, fully edited and RFA

The Blood Guard

Chapter 2

By James Hillman

Seven years later….

Just inside the Landorian borders, there was a small group of men and women camped at the ruins of an old tower. Though their numbers were currently small, many more came from all around the country to join the crusade. The tower reached eerily toward the sky, a scar on an otherwise beautiful landscape. It wasn't the tower that brought these self-proclaimed warriors of light, within the dank earth the… Continue

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The Blood Guard Chapter 1; Final revision, fully edited and RFA.

The Blood Guard

Chapter 1

By James Hillman

On the wooden floor in a plain room with white-washed walls, a man sat cross-legged. The room was plain, but not because of poverty. This was one of the rooms given to members of the Blood Guard; deep underground, windowless, and empty. The only sign of extravagance was the golden scabbard in the man’s lap. He slid his hand over the surface of his scabbard, along the hand-carved symbols that indicated the magic nature of the case.… Continue

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