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Okay people I don't even know why I bother coming in here any more? I was out for a couple of weeks as I had to move and feel as though I have been gone for a century. I cant keep up with the forums and some of the group discussions take forever to get through lol. Will be making up my mind over the next couple of days as some of the conversations here have kept me sane when things have been crap at home. Yes I did just say they kept me sane, lol, its amazing how a good giggle can turn your… Continue

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A killer sat poised on the side of the large wall. If the Talos guard saw him here they would most likely beat him to a bloody pulp, then, and only then, would they mutilate him. A gust of icy wind cut through Dorian's face like a blade. The mountains were a bad place to be this time of year, but Dorian had to make a living somehow. the palace lay in front of him, built around a thousand winters ago, the white and gold domed palace was the only relic left of the old world. If…


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No Second Chances [Original, Unedited]

There are no second chances.

He sits in the comfortable chair, half empty glass of whiskey never more than a few inches from his left hand, as he ponders the words his father often said and had carved above the door to the bar he once owned.…


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Father McKenzie [Original, Unedited]

Father McKenzie is not a joyful man.

He served his country for nearly twenty years, bearing arms in the fight for freedom and liberty in places of violence and war. For ten years after that he served as a police officer and his eyes were…


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A Love Affair To Remember [Original, Unedited]

He sits comfortably, legs stretched out before him.

His eyes pass over her, thoughts drifting idly around his mind regarding the shapeliness of her rear and the way she sways her hips just so. It is as if…


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