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Well guess I should write something here..

28, living in Scotland in the city of Edinburgh in a bedsit that is super drafty. I am a dedicated bookworm, with 13 boxes of books sitting in my kitchen waiting for shelving to be put up. Ill get around to it eventually. Hopefully before xmas.

Much of my spare time is writing, though nothing as dedicatedly serious as a whole novel. I do online collaborative turn-based writing with friends in messenger. All fantasy stuff. I suffer… Continue

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Wondering what to read next

As I look at my bookshelves I notice that I have a LOT of books I have not read yet. I am a fast reader so I don't know why I am not done with all my books yet. I know I need to read Basilik Station by Webber to participate in the book of the month club discussion on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog (I may have really mispelled his name and if that is the case I need to be thrashed quite soundly) in January. The other two books that are the fanatasy and horror picks have not really jumped out at me. I… Continue

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This is a little idea I am working on---not a fantasy but just a little fun--it is a really rough draft

He had a strong chest and abs like you would envision on Ryan Reynolds in Blade: Trinity, his nose was just a little crooked from head on, his lips were a tad off with the upper lip being thinner than the lower one, and then there were his eyes…they were the darkest hazel I have ever seen. Something about looking into them makes me want to eat a German chocolate cake this very instant. So I have dubbed him Chocolate Abs, yes, I know it sounds silly and somewhat paints the opposite picture of… Continue

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Babbling Baffoon meets WEEKS

So today, even throught the stressful moments, I smirked because I was going to my first ever signing. I have always wondered what people say to someone whose books have effected their lives...well I now know I sound like a crazed idiot! With my lovely sister standing by and letting the words "CRAZY LADY" grow bigger on my forehead...I babbled! I know that Timothy Zahn was there but I was there to try and say thank you to Brent for rewakening my love of what fanatasy should be. If it was not… Continue

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What book to read next?

I am unsure of what to read next. I have a hole room of books that I have not read yet and still keep buying more. Just yesterday my sister got us the Wizards' First Rule by Terry Goodkind...which thankfully that series is completely written so if i get as hooked to it as Brent's I will not have withdrawls. Well, speaking of books...I need to go find my first two of the Night Angel series so that I have them for Brent to sign tomorrow.

Added by Heather on November 19, 2008 at 8:34pm — 12 Comments

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