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Poem I wrote in Creative writing class today.



I feel that I am alone.

The way I view the world can not be shown.

Everyone else seems so different.

In the way that they think.

It causes me to question if this was what was meant.

This world is a boat and without people such as me, it will…


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Victor sat in his car, cigarette in his mouth, binoculars up to his eyes.  His car sat parked across the street from an apartment.  He didn’t know what it was, but tall apartment buildings always seemed to draw his attention.  A row of tinted windows caught his attention.  He looked at the rest of the building just to make sure and found his assumption to be right.  All of the other windows were normal.  He put out his cigarette, set his binoculars down, and then stepped out of the car.  He put… Continue

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The Meta-human game

           Hiei and his family are immagrants.... setting foot in 1984 New York City for the first time. He...along with his sister Shiei, mother Selena, and father Imboto. As they gaze in awe of some of America's most treasured monuments in New York at the time, Hiei's father sets up a meeting with an old friend of the family. Akutobi, a 2 million year old meta-human. Meta-human are people with natural abilities, whatever element they have. they're powers are based on their own special…


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The Terroks and the Corvecs.

“Get up!” Marcaeus quickly awoke as something heavy fell on his face.  What it was, he wasn’t sure, everything in the cell smelt like shit.  Though he had two guesses as to what it was.  It was either bread or... “Gah!” he shouted as pulled the feces from his face and threw it at the wall.  He looked up the thirty foot shaft that separated him from the guard above and waited.  He had to shied his eyes from the light as he watched something drop.  He had been in the dark for so long that he had… Continue

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Waiting Makes me Read other Stuff.

While wating for Mr. Weeks' volume two to The Black Prisim, I read other books which. . . now I found to be a bad thing.

I read Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber and loved it.

The only reason I had put it down was ecause of work (which took from 9 am to like 5 pm), bathroom needs, and sometimes food and sleep.

The book in a nutshell: STAR WARS AND ZOMBIES.

Enough said.

Next up: I have to finish The Blade… Continue

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Where do we go when we've nowhere to run, and what we're running from is part of us?

It's hard to run from your emotions. Because they're are part of who you are, no matter where you go, what you do, or who you're with, you can never fully escape from them. And on top of that you feel terrible in yourself, because it's as if you're not being true to yourself. But then it's the lesser of two evils in a way, because if you stand, and you face your demons, you get torn apart in a tempest of built up pain, anger and heartache.

Sure you'll survive the purging, what doesn't…


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All Night Angel Trilogy Fans, ATENTION!!!!

For all Night Angel Trilogy fans who play Call of Duty i am starting a clan with the name NA (only because in Black Ops you can only put 4 letters, numbers, or symbols). Why not support you favorite series of its not your favorite still do it.

Added by Ryan Toth on August 1, 2011 at 8:04pm — 1 Comment

Rant 2: Stupid people will kill us all.

I saw a warning on a knife today, it said;

"CAUTION: This knife is sharp, keep out of children."

Really... So we arn't supossed to put a knife in a child, I never would have guessed that... It is sad that sociaty has degraded to the point that we need warnings against putting a knife *IN* a person. I mean, come on now, is it really that confusing? If you stab someone then that is dangerous, or are we as a people just that stupid. Even if it was just a typo and it ment, 'Keep…


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New story idea.

Nick Varrn ran through the halls of a museum, pushing people out of the way as he went.  “Get him!”  Nick turned around quickly to see men in suits chasing after him.  Nick turned a corner and threw a few people to the ground as he rushed past.  People shouted as he shoved through and dove out of the way as the men following him tried their best to avoid the pedestrians.  As he came around another corner, he found his means of escape, the men’s bathroom.  He ran inside and closed the door… Continue

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Still living...?

Finally got around to making fanart for this site:
Took some time from my sleep to do so but I got it.

Feels good.
Hoping to do more. . . . as the ideas come to me.


Added by BishiBower on July 22, 2011 at 10:01pm — 1 Comment

This is the prologue to my story so far, I would like feedback/ideas, thanks and enjoy!

The Dragonlords

By: Michael J. Romero





This is the vast world known as Rygat. Hundreds of different regions all across the land ranging from scorching deserts of Scornes to barren wastelands of Drakneiya  to the glacial arctic of Vornek  that are home to a vast array of creatures.  All kinds of wondrous creatures and animals throughout the land from…


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First actual blog...

Ok...I've noticed that I haven't made an actual blog on here I go...bout to tell ya'll how my day went, even though most of ya'll don't care...


I woke up, went through the daily rituals of shower breakfast and the brushing of the teeth...went into my bedroom (almost said "came in my bedroom" and realized how wrong it sounded xD) aaanyway...sat in my computer chair...and here I am, 5 hours the same exact spot. ...i lead an exciting life, don't I?…


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Life on the run (Part 2)

As Michael slowly got up to his feet, someone knocked on the door to his apartment. He looked up and was met with the face of a beautiful women standing at the door, a large bag of groceries in her hands. "I'm sorry sir, but I heard a lot of noise coming from your room. Some of it sounded like gunshots.. oh my!" she shouted as she caught sight of the dead man with the shotgun and the big man in the room behind him.

-Rule 3. Never trust anyone. Especially if they are new and… Continue

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Life on the run

Michael slowly opened up the door to his apartment and walked in.  Eyes always attentive, ears always open, he scanned the room.  His eyes were drawn to the floorboards.  All even.  Flat.  Every single one lined up perfectly.  When he had left, one had been slightly raised by a loose nail, only a heavy foot could push it down.  

                              -Rule 1.  Pay attention to the small details.-

Michael set the groceries on the counter and then looked at the…


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Crush... A crystal-like substance grinded into a powder.  A powder that had been turned into a drug.  While most drugs prided themselves on the “high” they supplied, Crush was more of an exhilarating drug than anything else.   Some people enjoyed ingesting it through the mouth, but it was best inhaled through the nose.  And it was a drug that Straeen had an addiction too.  Straeen stood at about 6’2, clothed in the gray robes of an assassin.  He was, or rather looked like, in every single way… Continue

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He did it, he really did it.

I have to commend you oh sir Brent weeks.  Ive been against ebooks since the very first kindle was released.  I finally read an ebook, an it was all thanks to you mr. weeks.  Great job on perfect shadow


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Long Time No See

Wow.. 2 years and this place just fell off my mental radar. Seems like alots been going on with the new book out and another on the way, I've got some catching up to do. Fingers crossed I won't get caught up and forget about this great place again.

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Faceless Killer

- There is a serial killer who only seems to kill one person per day, every day. There have been times when, according to witnesses, that there would be three or more people in a group and he would kill one and leave the rest alive. People who have survive these interactions claim that he had no face.


Clarissa Holters walked through the dark alleyway, tan coat pulled tight and closely around her body. The smell of rum mixed with that of human and animal defecation alike was…


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trying my hand at writing. feel free to criticize i can take it lol

    The entrance to the cave yawned before me like the gaping maw of some disfigured beast surrounded by signs discouraging my approach. As I took the time to review the derelict wooden signs I went over my usual pre-job checklist as my Master had drilled into me so many years ago. Green dragonhide leather gauntlets, greaves, and boots? Check. Dark green hooded cloak obscuring my face with the hem stopping at mid-calf so as not to restrict movement? Check. I reached above my right shoulder and… Continue

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Night Angel Movie

I heard that the rights to making the series into a movie were sold to Cam Gigandet. (the guy from Twilight) Is there any truth to this?

Added by Miguel Colon on May 2, 2011 at 11:57am — 3 Comments

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