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CAPSLOCK’S Update from the Trenches (Episode 1)

Working as Brent’s assistant involves many different tasks. Some weeks, I’m copyediting exclusively. Other times I’m researching 15th-century galleons. Sometimes I’m organizing mailings for a contest. And once in a while, I’m taking down orders for the local sushi place.

Since Brent can’t update everyone on what he’s doing (he’s hard at work actually writing those novels), I thought it would be fun to…


Added by CAPSLOCK on June 15, 2012 at 2:24pm — 6 Comments

Chapter one

Chapter 1

Among the kind of the Rahto clans of the Skyneedle Mountains only men talented in arcane arts rise to be Rangers. The Rangers can become one with any environ, be they rocky mountains, dense forest, desert nightmares or even choked cities, to be hunted by a Ranger is to be hunted by a shadow. Over the last century three kings have tried to claim dominion over the clans of the mountains and three times the Rahto clans have repulsed the kingdom with an army of… Continue

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An not-real scene scene of something or other. Please comment ^^

Yeah. Got bored. Decided to write an alterenate scene to a story i havent written yet. Enjoy. And please comment, regardless of whether or not you like it.

The guard sighed and leaned against the cold steel leg of the hulking metal beast.

“This is for military use only, sir. I can’t let you use it.”

The hooded man limped a step forward and the guard couldn’t help but notice the heavily bleeding cut on the man’s upper left leg. He quickly added, “Sir, you should go to the… Continue

Added by FireLight on December 10, 2009 at 6:05pm — 3 Comments

acient gaurdian

it was miday japan, the cool mist in the woods and only two souls in these parts. the quietness and stillness scared ryu for he may be named after a dragon but he was scared. he walked through the woods with his sword in hand and black ninja clothes and no shoes, some sticks and rocks cut his feet but he was trained to ignore and push away the small pain. he heard a soft whisper of the wind and spun around a man leaped from a tree with a katana in hand the man landed on ryu but ryu was ready… Continue

Added by austin becknell on December 11, 2009 at 2:26pm — 2 Comments

Something that im working on, Please comment.

He always expected to die to the sounds of battle, to the blaring trumpets sounding another charge, to the steady thumping of his soldiers boots, and to the ringing clang of shields and swords colliding.

He had not expected to die like this.

The war-torn plain stood bare of all but 4 men in the freezing night, four men dressed in their armor, ready to fight and win... or die. The king, dressed in simple leather. And the fallen mages, garbed in steel as black as their… Continue

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Cult of The Night Chapter 9

After 6-7 months of an informal hiatus, CoTN has been updated.

Feel free to rip it apart! Look at previous posts for the link/my pen name

Added by May on December 31, 2009 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

The story of a king

Faster and faster he ran but the hounds kept getting closer. Their warm saliva and hot breath he could feel every time they nipped at him. He tried to run as fast as he could but all he could think about was his mother saying,"You have so much energy you could outrun the secret scouts of the king" If he wasn't running for his life right now he might laugh at the irony but right now all he could do was let out a smirk. The pain in his leg yanked him back to reality. he could feel the blood… Continue

Added by Tyler Hobbs on August 17, 2009 at 8:17am — 2 Comments

The Melancholy of a Bodyguard


When she walks into a room, all is silent.

Poised with aplomb, no one is ever violent.

Classy is her adept style, she’s set to rule.

Be I her earth, always her eternal tool.


Her visage of a princess looks smooth like water.

Her words are true, known to have stopped a slaughter.

Clothed in pleasing robes of silk, she has it all.

Eternal bliss, an angel sent from heaven’s hall.


Her red lips arouse firm lust, my…


Added by Mithy on December 5, 2011 at 5:36pm — 8 Comments

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