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it was miday japan, the cool mist in the woods and only two souls in these parts. the quietness and stillness scared ryu for he may be named after a dragon but he was scared. he walked through the woods with his sword in hand and black ninja clothes and no shoes, some sticks and rocks cut his feet but he was trained to ignore and push away the small pain. he heard a soft whisper of the wind and spun around a man leaped from a tree with a katana in hand the man landed on ryu but ryu was ready and blocked his katana and spun his legs swiftly and tripped the man but he leaped up in an instant. sweat ruled down ryus face, his long hair was wet from the heat and the water he had to cross earlier that day. he looked into the mans mask but couldnt see a face ony black glasses and a slight smirk. the man dashed at ryu but ryu slid to left and stuck out his foot tripping the man and he tumbled on the rocks and hit a tree and dropped his sword and then turned around and looked strait into ryu and then looked down at his sword and thought mabey he could reach it.


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Comment by Bishop on April 16, 2011 at 1:37pm
I just had to get on to ask you.  has your plan gone as you hoped?  Have a deal with a publisher?  Is bungie ok with you stealing rights for halo?  Has your 100 pages magically turned into your exact 500 page limit/max?  Just curious.
Comment by austin becknell on January 3, 2011 at 9:22pm
lol thank u alderan i got on here today 1-3-11 to show my mom my fav author um lol i cant belive its been so long but i actualy kinda threw that book away and my writting skills have gotten alot better i actually may be getting a book published late 2011 early 2012 if all goes planned so keep in touch

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