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The police officers I was sharing this lovely ride with were preoccupied chatting each others ears off. I heard a sudden snap as the metal of the chain in between my hand cuffs broke. 
    The officer sitting in the passengers seat looked back at me trough the barrier separating me from the police officers.
    "What was that?" he said, looking me up and down.
    "I think it was my boot hitting something sir." I said, faux smile spread across my face.
    He gave me an 'I don't believe a word you say' kind of look but resumed his thrilling conversation with his partner.
    I could hurt the two men sitting in front of me but they were just doing there job. So I decided to take the subtle route. I blew the back door's off the patrol car sending the hunks of metal that were just moments ago doors into the building complex's on either side of the car.
    The officer driving slammed on the breaks "What the fuck" he said as the other officer spun around to face me.
    All he got was wind and a smile before I lifted my body up and out of the car, flying above the buildings of Downtown San Francisco. I flew over the waters of the bay at speeds comparable only to a Black Hawk.
    I broke the sound barrier when I was twelve, I found out I had my power's when I was 7 and its been uphill since then.
    I landed with a thud on the roof of my apartment complex in the Tenderloin, and opened the door to the stairway that lead down from the roof. I walked down three flight's of stairs until I got to the second floor. I stopped on the platform that led to the door.
    I looked back up where I had just come from, searching through the darkness.
    "Hi Jane", I said into the abyss.
    "What did you do this time?" she said appearing right in front of me. Jane was about five nothing with sort platinum blond hair that was styled in a pixie cut. She was wearing one of my sweatshirts but the arm's were way to long so she looked like a little kid.
`"Why would you assume I did something wrong, I just went for a walk." I said smiling broadly.
     "Because you came in from the roof and you only fly in when you've gotten in trouble, so what did you do?" She asked, looking over my body. "What's on your hands?" she asked me. I quickly slid my hands behind my back. "Is that blood?" She said alarmed. Coming closer she pulled both of my hands back out.
    Her hands looked tiny holding mine and examining the purple spray paint on my finger tips.
    As she looked up at me, I leaned down and kissed her, partly to stop her from yelling at me more, and I just wanted to. After our kiss she pulled back and looked into my eyes.
    " One of these day's your going to get hurt and-" She said as I leaned over and tossed her over my shoulder.
    "Put me down" she screamed, laughing, I turned around and opened the door.
    "Sky, put me down. This isn't funny." she said between giggles.
    "And I thought I was a bad liar." I said while walking down the hall, past five doors, then finally stopping at the sixth. I put her down next to me and she punched me in the arm.
    "Ow" I said looking hurt. As I searched through my pockets for my keys she clung onto my right arm and hugged my side.
    "By the way I don't recall you asking if you could use that." I said pointing down to my sweater.
    "Well it was cold on the roof and well... never mind  its embarrassing." She said reaching into my coat pocket and pulling out my keys.
    "What you missed me to much?" I joked taking my keys out of her hand. When I looked down at her I noticed that she was blushing.
    "Well if you didn't leave me every night, maybe I wouldn't have to." She said, pouting.
    "Aww, Sweaty, I’m sorry" I said leaning over and planting a kiss on her lips. "Next time I'll tell you before I go." I said, smiling as i opened the door.
    "Fine" She said tugging me through the doorway and into the living room. "Come here i want to show you something " She said taking me to our bedroom.
    "Really 'cause I wanted to show you something to." I said.
    "No you horn dog look' she said pointing to her desk. "I finished it. She said smiling brilliantly.
    "Wow it looks awesome." I said running my fingers over her new computer.
    "It is I finished about an hour ago, before I went up to the roof." she said, pulling me towards the bed. "Now what was it you where going to show me?" She asked biting on her bottom lip. She stood on the tips of her toes so she could kiss me.
    After, I picked her up and put her down on the bed, and she threw me down next to her. When she got on top of me and started kissing me I heard some sort of noise. Then when we rolled over on the bed a couple of times I heard it again. Was that paper? I thought to myself.
    "Babe hold-" I tried to say but Jane Kissed me harder.
    "Jane hold on I-" I tried to say again. But she just kissed me harder. I lifted her off me and left her floating in the air.
    "Sky what the hell!" She said thrashing around in the air, as i went to put her on her feet.
    "I heard something." I said getting up. When I looked down at the bed i saw a crumpled up sealed envelope.
    "What is this?" I said sitting on the edge of the bed.
    "I don't know read it." She told me while jumping up to sit on my lap.
    "How did it get in here, the door was locked and all the windows are to." I said looking at the fancy lettering on the envelop.

To: Skylar Hart and Jane Fleece
    "You are the last person I'd expect to question how something magically appeared in a locked room." She said laughing. "Open it"
    So I did as she said just like I always did.
Dear, Skylar and Jane
    You don't know me but I know you. And your secrets. I've been sent to formally ask you to lead a team of elite fighters in the fight against The Legion. Our base is in southern California. You have two days to respond with a simple yes or no.
            Jack Nicholas Carter
    "Um..." Jane said turning to look at me.

    That was 12 months ago today. We said yes eventually leaving everything we knew behind to fight for a greater good.

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