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I think Gavin killed his brother Sevastien under the influence of black luxin the first time he drafted it.

that was the starting of his obsession with hating the wights. The dead man in the black prison cell may have guided him from early on and may still be lying to him about it. Maybe he will learn about it when he goes to kill orholam. I will hate for him to die at kip's hand...

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Comment by Faith Perry on December 29, 2016 at 10:23am

But maybe Die is the wrong word. The Blinders Knife didn't kill Dazen; maybe it will allow him to "ascend" or transition to replace a fading Orholam (or Lucidonius?). There has been a lot of foreshadowing of cycles with Darien and Karris incarnates and with the 9 kings and 200 djinn. 

But possibly I have that wrong and Dazen "kills" Kip who transcends as the lightbringer - by drafting white luxin and working with Ben-Hadad to create a new blinders knife that can save all drafters near to breaking the halo a la Andross. 

I'm hoping Kip kills Zymun and brother is not literal. 

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