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Re-reading Night Angel, to look for stuff about the ka'kari, and mages, and races, even the maps. I either never noticed these on my first go, or Orbit didn't do a very good job of editing (or the version I am reading now is much different from the books i bought 4 ears ago)

Way of Shadows
1) Kylar talking to Momma K about Logan's dad, before he had met Logan.

Azoth nodded.

Momma K opened her eyes and lifted her eyebrows.

He grimaced, then recited. “Khalidor is our northern neighbor. They’ve always
said Cenaria and most of Midcyru is theirs, but they can’t take it because
Logan’s dad is at Screaming Winds.”

What's happening is Azoth (STILL Azoth) is taking reading lessons from Momma K, (lessons in reading, history, politics, all of that actually) and Azoth asks Momma k about her sister, (and Durzo's lover) Vonda. 

Logan has appeared in the story, we've seen Regnus Gyre bid goodbye to his son, and his wife. We've seen Solon Tofusin find his way to Gyre mansion and Logan. But Logan and Kylar hasn't met yet, in fact the idea of Kylar hasn't even come up. It's in the next chapter that Solon takes Logan to the Gyre solicitor, Ct. Rimbold Drake, where he would have a chance run-in with the to-be Kylar, (but does he really become Kylar till after the scene with Gen. Agon?)

Kylar was an East Side boy though, and Azoth was from the Warrens. The deal was, after Kylar changed his identity, every time he met Durzo or Momma K it would be at one of their EAST SIDE safe houses. But Azoth, at this time, hadn't crossed the Vanden bridge yet. Now, it is definitely possible for Azoth to have heard of Regnus Gyre's son, Logan, who was approximately the same age as him, and known and referred to Regnus as "Logan's dad". 

2) Feir realizing Dorian's plan to smuggle Curoch out, twice

Twice, in the same scene that is. It starts like this, for the first time in the book (Way) we're introduced to Feir, and Dorian (although we've heard his name before from Solon's flashback, and we know he's a prophet). It's not a bad scene, first we see the eye of this mysterious prophet, who will play a large role, (but not his face). Then we're told of how his prophetic skill drives him closer to madness every time he does it. Sounds like a gift with equal measure of curse. 

Then we have Feir's observation:

Dorian ushered Feir inside and barred the door behind him. Feir felt himself
passing through an improbably high number of wards. He looked at them. A
ward against eavesdropping he’d expected. A ward against entry was unusual
to maintain when you were in the room yourself. But the truly strange one was a
ward to keep magic in.

This adds to Dorian's awesomeness. He's so good at using magic, or the talent pulled from the glore viden, back when he used to do that. It's almost impossible to make that weave while in the room yourself, but he does it. But as we know, this is the scene where they're trying to take Curoch out. And Feir initially gets it.

Feir felt the blood draining from his face. The wards to keep magic in the room
suddenly made sense. “You aren’t planning to steal it.”

And then there's another scene where Dorian asks Feir to come on an adventure with him, and explains what's going to happen to him in either case. It's beautiful really, there's a little bit of Achilles here, Dorian's talking to Feir like Achilles' mother did. And then, after Feir agrees to join him, he realizes Dorian's plan, AGAIN.

Dorian broke into a big smile. “Good! Now help me figure out how we’re going
to get Curoch out of here.”

Feir was sure he had misunderstood. Then he felt the blood draining from his
face. There were wards on the door to keep magic in. “When you say ‘here’ you
mean ‘here, in the school.’ Like I still have a chance to convince you not to try to
steal the most guarded artifact in Midcyru. Right?”

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