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I’ve bought the Night Angel’s trilogy last week and was really excited at the thought of starting a new book.  After the first few pages my excitement did not abate… Then it happened… and hit like a tonne of bricks.  Every idea in this book as either been stolen from Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World  or Dan Simmons’ Hyperion…. What a disappointment

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Comment by G0DK1NG on March 10, 2016 at 12:32am

Im sorry but how is this like Wheel of Time? I have never read Hyperion but isnt it about a monster in space?? As i have said i have never read it but i sincerely doubt there is any similarities.

All of Brent Weeks' books are rather unique and original. I literally cannot even think about any similarities between this and WOT.. WOT was heavily influence by King Arthurs tale and Tolken in a renaissance period but an amazing series but Night Angel is about a street rat trained as an assassin in a Euro/Asian period. The writing style has shifting POV but most books do and tends to lean towards action and the storyline is about an impending invasion... Im sorry but i just cant see any similarities..?

I think it would help if you went into more detail about what you thought was similar rather than just vaguely hinting at similarities... The Kelvinator pretty much nailed the WOT explanation so i wont even go into it but did you mean similarities in characters(?) Storyline(?) Writing style(?)

Comment by The Kelvinator on February 15, 2015 at 4:21pm

I know next to nothing about Hyperion, so I won't comment on that (though I thought it was sci-fi?). However, when it comes to Wheel of Time, I consider myself pretty well informed, and writers being accused of stealing from WoT is something that comes up quite frequently in discussions about fantasy, as pretty much every fantasy author is accused of doing it.

The idea of pretty much anything being stolen from Wheel of Time is in itself slightly ridiculous, given that almost everything in WoT is some sort of reference to either historic or mythical events. Thom Merrilin/Moiraine? Very Merlin. Callandor? Excalibur much?. Perrin's a wolfman, Mat contains elements of both Odin and the archetypal rogue, Rand's the promised messiah and is surrounded by Christ-like imagery. Trollocs are basically an amalgamation of all the various creatures of darkness - trolls, orcs, goblins etc. Their clan names refer to this: Ahf'frait (Afrit), Al'ghol (Ghoul) Bhan'sheen (Banshee), Dha'vol (Devil), Dhai'mon  (Demon), Dhjin'nen (Djinn), Ghar'gheal (Gargoyle), Ghob'hlin (Goblin), Gho'hlem (Golem), Ghraem'lan (Gremlin), Ko'bal and Kno'mon (not sure what these last two are meant to be, but they'll be something. With Jordan, everything's something). Myrddraal are obviously Black Riders ala Tolkien. The whole first book is (deliberately) extremely imitative of Tolkien in terms of setting, tone, and plot, and is none the worse for it. The Forsaken's names are all references to various entities, many of them biblical - Ishamael (Ishmael), Asmodean (Asmodeus), Be'lal (Belial is actually sometimes spelt this way, among others), etc. The Dark One is Morgoth, Sauron, Satan, and every other distillation of evil. Pretty much all of his cultures are heavily based on real-world ones too.

There is nothing wrong with all the borrowing Jordan does, in fact it's a great strength of the series and one of the things many readers love about it - trying to track down all the references and allusions he makes. He even explains it in the frame of the narrative with the whole ages of the wheel of time thing, as it's strongly implied that our world is the same one, and so events from our time are remembered then as old, half-forgotten legends, and events from their time are distorted and influence our stories. The reason I have pointed all this out is to explain that more often than not, when people are accused of borrowing from Jordan, they're actually borrowing from whatever he borrowed from. 

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