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Success Apology *orignially posted @

My dearest Aich,

Last night we discussed how we define success with our writing…more to the point how we define our writing as successful.  It was not an easy discussion.  Both of us said things we did not mean.  Well, maybe I meant some of it but most of it was said out of fear and self-doubt.  I owe you an apology.

Let me start by saying success as a writer comes to hard workers and a very few lucky, not so gifted, writers.  Yes, I mean Stephanie Meyers and EL James (not that I have read James but I have lost friends who have read it due to their brains melting from such drivel) as the very lucky writers.  Most writers have success in their career but many only see the dollar success they have.  Having a fan tell you that you have changed their lives or your story helped them through a rough time is real success.  Some authors have sacrificed their own name in order to be successful and others find success in the marketing of their work.  Success is individually defined.

Where we had a disagreement was how I define success of my writing.  I told you I don’t have success nor did I think I would ever.  This did not sit well with you.  You told me I was listening and giving into the lies whispered by the red fiend.  In response, I tried to cut you down with my sword which, thankfully, did not penetrate your protection shield.  Unfortunately, this reaction set off another set of actions leading to me stab myself in the eye with a pen.

I have had time to think and you were correct.  I was listening to lies.  I was also holding onto all the negative comments or in some cases, lack of comments on my previous work.

I have now come to understand my writing is successful by the act alone and not giving up.  Denying my passion for the written word is cowardly and insulting to our creator.  Nothing happens in a linear motion for me, as you well know.  I will never feel done with something even if I hand it in to be published.  If someone is crazy enough to publish my work, I will have been successful at finishing something someone deems worthy enough to share with others.

So while I seek to live by this new definition of success, I will continue to search my soul, find “success” in doing and not giving up, and refrain from stabbing myself in the eye with a pen.  I hope this mends fences between us.  I look forward to our next discussion and I promise to keep all sharp objects out of my reach…our reach.


Aich (the crazy side of you)

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