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The Broken Eye and Black Luxin (Spoilers if you haven't read TBE)

So I just finished TBE and was thinking about the tenets of the Order of the Broken Eye.  At the end, Grinwoody tells Ironfist that he either needs to save or Kill Kip.  Ironfist delivers the black luxin crystal.  

We also see that Gavin (Dazen) is locked up in the prison he set up for his brother.  Gavin is capable of drafting black luxin as we saw in the eye gouging scene and he mentions it (I think after he kills the Whiteoaks). 

I think it's fair to say The Order of the Broken Eye plans to use Gavin as the Black God/Bane.  So who is the White?  I want to say Kip.  What do you think?

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Comment by The Kelvinator on February 15, 2015 at 4:32pm

G4P: It's in chapter 97 of The Broken Eye, just before the epilogues. Ironfist meets with Grinwoody and gives him a small box which the White had hidden. Grinwoody uses Ironfist's pin to open the box. As he does this, he says a bunch of things, going on to "you are called the Blackguard because you guard the black. The black seed crystal. Accessible only with the cooperation of the White and the commander of the Blackguard both. It is the weapon that kills Prisms and quenches luxin. This is the tool that will rebuild the Order. This si the pen that rewrites history. This, nephew, is your Ulta. You have succeeded. You've done more for the Broken Eye than anyone in three centuries."

It's pretty clear from this that the black seed crystal was in the box. 

Comment by daniel leighton on December 19, 2014 at 1:37am

you should read the passage again. It is clear that the black seed cristal is given to grinwoody. But, about the White.. Gavin has drafed White luxin!! Commander ironfist gave It to the White after the battle of Garriston.

I didnt think about a black bane. Nice thinking

Comment by GRINWOODY4PRESIDENT on September 7, 2014 at 4:29pm

So many people keep reiterating the delivery of the black luxin seed crystal to Grinwoody... but I never caught on to that because I don't think it was explicitly implied D: How is everyone getting to this conclusion?

I do really hope that Brent turns Gavin into the ultimate bad dude in the Blood Mirror, and I guess one way of doing that would be to have him become the Black God. Which would be pretty badass. But as for the White God... Honestly, I don't want it to be Kip. He's already so many things, on top of Diakoptes and quite possibly the Lightbringer and who knows what else. I do hope that he'll be able to draft white luxin, but I have to say having him be the White God as well might be overkill. Just my personal opinion though.

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